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Who we are Milestones
Established skills and experience drawn from four generations of engineers and industrialists, have always enabled us to be a leading edge engineering and business development team.
Passion for exploring new possibilities, originally applied to the building industry and later to ever new sectors, have brought us to develop an integrated and modular set of services.
Today we support companies in successfully planning and implementing innovative business initiatives and improving their path for organisational and technological development.
Human Resources
1920 - 1930: building workers alphabetisation
Industrial Organisation
1962: assembly line concept applied in the building industry
1960 - 1980: integrated system for emergency maintenance of big retail stores
1996: strategy for solid urban waste disposal via intermodal (rail/truck) transport 
Business Development
1999: modular service and international network to support rapid global business development
Project Management e Governance
2009: support to the introduction of methodologies based on global best-practice (PRINCE2, Agile) to optimise business project efficiency and effectiveness

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